As I hit the one month mark with Girl Develop It as Executive Director, I wanted to take a pause here and share some of my learning and thinking. These four weeks have been a whirlwind of learning and listening. We have much more of both to do, but I’m…

The last year has been one of the more challenging ones for Girl Develop It (GDI) as we faced a hard set of truths: we may have created an organization with inclusiveness as a core principle, but have not always followed through on that promise.

A lot of soul searching…

To the Girl Develop It Community:

Thank you for continuing to raise your voices about your experiences with Girl Develop It. We are reading, internalizing, and reflecting on every tweet, message, email, and any other form of communication you have sent us. Looking ahead, we are currently making major policy…

Girl Develop It | GDI

Through classes, projects, and events, GDI students develop code, confidence, and community.

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