Mar 10, 2018 · 2 min read

Louisiana Catch – Book Review

Politics, History & Mythology are my favorite genres of reading. Therefore I usually avoid fiction as much as I can. So when I received an advanced reading copy of “Louisiana Catch” by the author who I have known for a while, I thought I should atleast give the book a try. And I am glad I did because once I gave the book my time, it delivered a thoroughly enjoyable story that I had to finish.

The book is a story of a modern young woman called “Ahana,” who divorces her abusive husband and moves in with her parents to try and piece her life back together. But fate had other plans for her, and If dealing with the pain of the divorce isn’t enough, she loses her anchor in her mother who passes away unexpectedly. Driven by grief, she throws herself relentlessly in her very challenging but rewarding job and finds solace in a friendship she forms with Jay who she meets in an online support group.

The story then moves to New Orleans, where she travels to organize a conference for work and meets the very attractive PR guru, Rohan Brady. Once bitten, twice shy the very vulnerable and jaded Ahana lets her experience with her sadist husband dictate her behavior towards Rohan who seems like a genuinely nice guy, but too good to be true in her books.

Just when you think that Ahana is finally finding some happiness, the author throws in a twist in the tale with Jay, Aahana’s online friend who starts to manipulate her and take advantage of the friendship. Ahana is wary of men and of love, and you cannot help but empathize, sympathize and sometimes even want to shake her up so she can snap out of it and then in the same breath also give her a warm, comforting hug.

There are so many different emotions that you go through as you turn the pages of the book, that you can’t help but feel for Ahana and her struggles and her determination to find the truth and eventually even love. Definitely a good read, one for the modern woman of today.

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