My relationship with words – Part 9

Some days I am lost for words

I look inside my heart

I search for them in my soul

But there are no traces of them

For me to behold

I wonder if they are lost

I wonder if they even want to be found

I wonder if they are. stuck

In the twisted alleys and dark pathways of my mind

Some days I find words

Hiding in vain

Not making sense

But still driving me insane

Some days I grab words

I hold on to them tight

And I use all my might

But they still manage to give me a fright

Some days I bask in words

I let them lie

I get them sink

I let them disappear in the wretched old memories of my skin

Some. days I kill myself with words

I let them cut

I let them bruise

I let them dig inside my wounds

But then these are words hidden inside my soul

Does it even matter if they ever told?

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