You can say it is because I had a very disrupting and tumultuous childhood. You can say it is because I have been physically and sexually abused. You can say it is genetics and chemical imbalances. It is depression and depression (almost) ruined me (and I am not sure that it is not still lurking around in the dark pits of my mind waiting to jump at me and slice me up in two with just one swoop like a Katana expert who has practiced his craft for hundreds of years).

Depression drove me to crazy.

It started with my…

For many of us, traveling is exciting and fun, and I’ll argue, even necessary. However, traveling can also be stressful. Even going away for a week can wreak havoc on our bodies, mind, and routines. Jetlag, new environments, different food, and even the water can take us for a spin. I know you’re excited about your upcoming trip and looking to have the time of your life. This is your act of self-care. Well here’s the thing, self-care starts before you take that trip, during your trip and last even after your trip. …

So 2019 is here…..almost.

We are getting all festive.

Holiday dinners with black families are lit.

We’re poppin.’

We’re magic.

We’re supporting each othe…..skerrrrrtttttttttttt

Hold up. Here we go again with another, “See? This is why I don’t shop at black businesses.”

Can we stop?!?!

Like for real for real.

It’s getting old.

If we can agree that black on black crime is a myth, can we come to the consensus that poor business management do not go hand in hand with black-owned businesses?

I get it, you’re frustrated, and it’s ok to express your frustration, but ask yourself, when…

Didn’t secure your boo in 2018?

The year of crappy dating (or so I was told)?

Well, to be fair, my friends told me it had been crappy for years.

But anyways…

Entering 2019 solo?

Riding down these single streets?

These cold, “wyd,” “hey beautiful,” “gorgeous,” “good morning” streets?

You’re busy and don’t have a lot of time to actually go out and meet guys?

Let’s jump into some dating apps!

Don’t panic, it’s the way of life now.

And I’ve tested and learned a few things, and I’m here to report my findings and share some tips.

I signed…


TLDR: I broke my ankle in South Africa on vacation. Two days after I had the metal rod inserted in surgery, and while still heavily medicated (or maybe BECAUSE of the medication) I came up with the random idea to start a content creation service

I kicked off these steps while still in hospital:

1) I went through every post Rohan Gilkes has made and decided to just follow his steps.

2) I found the one-page website guide that Rohan and Kevin Pereira created for how they lay out their million dollar sites. Posted it below.

3) Got…

Happy New Year!

Yes, I realize that it’s January 26, 2017, it’s still January, so Happy New Year!

I’ve been MIA; I was sick and now I’m back! Hope your new year has been amazing thus far.

I spent the new year in my birthplace of Haiti. I would like to share with you the last time I was there but you would judge me harshly and I’m sensitive. I spent my time exploring the island and getting reacquainted with its system and infrastructure. …

Trying to take a picture in a popular destination

The Instagram pictures are striking and their blogs are poppin’. Everything went well and travel has made them better. They have learned so much and met the most amazing people. They leave out the long hours of planning and being stranded at the airport for ten hours because that’s just so unsexy. Ding, ding, ding! I’m guilty of all those things. During my travels, I have experienced some really challenging times. When I considered starting a blog I wanted to name it “The Ugly Side of Traveling,” and focus on the unpretty things that I encountered. The hundred pictures before…

I heard about Hurricane Irma but like many I wasn’t worried and didn’t think it would do too much damage (yeah I know, it is a Floridian thing because we experience so many near misses). On Monday afternoon while heading to a friend’s pool party with my girlfriend she made a joke about enjoying a last ride in my car. I shushed her and told her to stop being negative. By Monday night, I was singing a different tune.

Solo in Playa Del Carmen

Waiting on friends usually ends up like this:

You either don’t go because you fear traveling solo.


Friend: “Girl you always get good deals on flights, let me know when you find one.”

Me: Finds a glitch fare to Philippines for less than $200 and tells friend.

Friend: “Oh wow, girl, let me know when you book.”

Me: Books flight and tells friend.

Friend: “Oh, ok girl. I’m booking tonight when I get off work.”

2 weeks later.

Friend: “Girl, I need to bathe my pet snake. My sister’s boyfriend’s father’s friend’s uncle broke his ankle, and it’s really…

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