print(“Hello world”)

Hello people!

I am new to medium and also new to blogging. And the only reason why I have started blogging is to keep myself motivated and hopefully my journey will inspire others too!

I had planned today to teach something that I have learned today, through this blog. But this blog is pretty much my introduction, the programming skills I possess and the projects I am working on. NOTHING MUCH!

I am a final year student from India and I like Python. I am a python lover. I love the way python is so readable and could be used in so many ways. In my past projects I have used it to make web applications while I have also discovered some aspects of Data science. Really, just SOME. May be a LITTLE.

I have some experience as a developer working for a company while I was interning in a great startup where I got my hands dirty in Ruby on rails. And I must say, I found it better than any python framework that I have used till now. I can’t say Ruby is my second love because I am still learning and exploring it.

I know Python really well. I can code in Ruby, Java and C as well. But I am not very proficient in these languages.

Currently, among a list of projects that I am working on. One is meaty and one is mini project. They are both in Python. And the big project that I am working on uses the principles of Natural Language processing and machine learning to some extent. I would love to elaborate this one but may be the word SIRI or Cortana will be suffice to give you a gist of it.

My second project is a Twitter Analyzer, which analyses the twitter data and shows some interesting results like top tweets in general or top tweets of a specified person. Or you can see the statistics of a particular hashtag being used in different countries, shows the count of its usage or how many times it has been used in top tweets and there could be many other interesting results that could be created out of it’s data.

I would like to conclude this post by saying that I am not a very good coder or developer. I am still discovering my interests and strengths when it comes to computer science. Until my high school I never really was interested in computer science ( I really don’t know WHY?). But during my college period in sophomore year, I started thinking of computer science as sort of magic to change the world and to create your mark.

Hopefully this magic will be as strong as Expecto Patronum spell someday. And I am hoping to get a chance of interacting with like minded people through medium.

Thanks for stopping by. It’s late in India. Good Night!