This company wants to give you free Lip Plumper!

Let’s face it, getting fillers is crazy expensive. Instead, we tried a lip plumper that really works. You can actually get Kylie Jenner lips for free.

Basically, a company (link at the end of the article) has decided to offer free trials of their new Lip Plumper and it’s amazing. Literally, life changing. Take a look!

Lip plumpers are a cheap and instant way to get fuller, bee-stung lips à la Kylie Jenner — no needles necessary.

This Lip Plumper will add shape and volume to your lips without making you look like you got some botched 200$ lip job from a cheap technician.

👄👄 Here’s are the benefits of their lip plumper based on my experience: 👄👄

-Increased the appearance of lip volume — I got soooo many compliments.
-Reduced the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around my lips 
-Redefined the contour of my lips
-Enhanced the natural colour of my lips — even when your lipsticks wears off, you look cute.

While testing it out, I only applied it once a day and have had results that lasted well into the evening! It’s honestly perfect for a date or a night out. It gives your lips a nice natural colour and plump.

Besides… It’s freaking free. The only thing they ask you to pay is shipping (4.99$). SO worth it because you’re getting a lip plumper that costs 74$ in stores for only 4.99$. Uh, sold! 💁

I personally don’t need much convincing when I’m being offered something for free so I ordered it, and it did wonders for me.

Watch out though, they run out fast. When I was trying to place a second order there were none left. Had to wait a while until they got back in stock!

I would definitely recommend this product, our final rating is 9/10 (but 10/10 while it’s free!!)

You should probably order it while it’s free!

👄You can order your free trial here👄