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I agree with most of this (especially about the tropes), but I have a few questions. I’m white so I obviously don’t understand what the black community is like, but I noticed some things in the comments of the video that just confuse me. In the video, it asked a question about why black people are the first to tear each other down. From reading the comments, that seemed to be exactly what was happening. People were calling the people in the video (askers?/actors?) ignorant, sell-outs, “coons”, and other unkind comments. While it’s perfectly reasonable for people to be confused and upset about the video, I did not understand why they were attacking another person’s character over differing beliefs. This happens all the time in every race (it’s a universal human problem) and it’s not beneficial to anyone. Don’t you think that being constructive with one another, even if we have conflicting opinions, is better in the long run?

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