Marginal revolutions

I love ads on the train. They are so creative, because it takes a lot to get people to even notice them. But once you do, you don’t stop. Like this one that I saw on the national rail from Paddington to Ealing Broadway -

This is so accurate about London. Everyone is so engrossed in their phones, you’d hardly ever make eye contact with anyone unless you were carrying a baby and that made someone smile.

I’ve notice that most ads on the tube are wordy, and less about pictures because they know people have the time to read through them between stations while they are standing and have no signal to scroll down their Facebook/ Linkedin feed. I’d seen this one greenish ad for some food related thing, but I only ever read it today, simply because I was trying to distract myself from my screaming baby…

…and I thought it was hilarious. I was a raised a vegetarian, but over time, I became a flexitarian. I eat what I get now. Back home, I know a lot of people who have been raised eating meat, but have restrictions around animals they eat due to religious faith, which I have never really understood. If you can eat sheep, why not pigs? If you can eat on Sunday, why not monday? My maid used to say that it’s their way of controlling the amount of meat they consume since it is so much more expensive compared to fresh vegetables.

So, this ad above seems like a first world problem. For fuck’s sake, you’re killing the goddamn chicken to eat it, how does it matter how it lived or when you kill it — like you care!! Is this healthier? Maybe. Is it tastier? Maybe. But why sugar coat this with ethics? How could we possibly justify our selfishness with such marginal generosity?!