The Solution.

At The Girl Code, we’ve come up with an answer to this atrocious epidemic. We have developed a three step comprehensive plan of action, as follows:

1.Our Web Platform:

We will introduce girls between the ages of 10 to 13 to programming via learning Python. We have specially designed our website and course to appeal to young girls and help them learn coding in a fun and interactive manner.

Our course has 10 levels, with 1 being a basic introduction to Python syntax and programming and 10 having complex programs and problems. A quiz will be given after the completion of each level to ascertain the student’s progress and whether they’re eligible to progress to the next level. Through these quizzes a report would be compiled and emailed to the student biweekly, highlighting their strengths and weaknesses.

The student will be guided through the various levels by an Avatar endemic to a specific level. For example, level 1 and 2 students would be guided through the portal by Ada Lovelace, level 3 and 4 by Grace Hopper and so on.

The website will also have a forum, where students can interact with each other and Mentors**, providing them with a like-minded circle of peers to motivate and inspire them.

(** Mentors: Female student volunteers from 11th and 12th grade, well versed in Python. Will be assigned to each student as a guide of sorts, to help them in their journey of learning Python through our platform.)


We will organise monthly workshops, held at a school over two weeks — beginning with our own school, the Mother’s International and, gradually to others as we continue to expand. The workshop will start off with some form of public speaking, fun group acting improvisations and games on Day 1.. The students will also get the opportunity to personally interact with their respective Mentors.

On Day 2, we’ll have a keynote speaker — an inspirational woman in the field of programming. We will also focus on the programming and mathematical aspect on Day 2, with trivia quizzes, conceptual lectures and acquaint them with our platform. Over the course of the two week workshop, we’ll intimately acquaint them with Python through our online platform and also provide them with a chance to socialise with their peers. Through our workshops, we will aim to instill an inherent sense of confidence, compatibility and capability in our students.


One of our most crucial aims is to build a sisterhood of sorts, comprising all our students seeking to learn how to code and older girls who already know how to. These experienced programmers will predominantly be student volunteers from grade 11 and 12 and will be known as Mentors. A set of 5 students will each be assigned a Mentor, who will help guide them through their journey of learning Python and, will also act as a confidant and friend. The Mentor-Mentee bond would transcend simple coding doubts to one of true understanding and friendship. Our sisterhood will be a tight knit community and, would act as a safe haven for girls to share absolutely anything they wish to-reiterating a sense of belonging and positivity.

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