At The Girl Code, we plan to organise monthly workshops, held at a school over two weeks — beginning with our own school, the Mother’s International and, gradually to others as we continue to expand. Indian parents are far more likely to send their daughters to school to attend workshops, than at any other venue. Introducing our organisation via the school helps in overcoming parental stigma associated with groups not affiliated with the school, immensely.

The workshop will start off with some form of public speaking, fun group acting improvisations and games on Day 1. Through such activities, we aim to make the students feel comfortable and confident in their skin and to inspire the ability to work in a group, whilst keeping things light and fun. The students will also get the opportunity to personally interact with their respective Mentors.

On Day 2, we’ll have a keynote speaker — an inspirational woman in the field of programming. We will also focus on the programming and mathematical aspect on Day 2, with trivia quizzes, conceptual lectures and acquaint them with our platform. Over the course of the two week workshop, we’ll intimately acquaint them with Python through our online platform and also provide them with a chance to socialise with their peers. Python, being multifaceted, will open up a myriad of varying avenues for the mentees once they finish the program. At the end of the workshop, the Mentors will help the student go beyond the curriculum by helping them get into whatever they have an aptitude for, be it competitive programming, open source or application building.

Workshops will use school equipment — providing resources to students without them, which is salient for underprivileged government school students. Through our workshops, we will aim to instill an inherent sense of confidence, compatibility and capability in our students.