What is Laziness? 15 Actual Causes of Laziness-Know Why am I LAZY?

What are Laziness and Causes of Laziness?

Laziness is a state where you don’t want to do anything, you’re are totally unwilling to spend your energy. When you think doing a task is very difficult and even impossible for you this state is known as laziness. It’s your desire to do nothing and remain idle like a lifeless body.

15 Actual Causes of Laziness- Know why am I lazy?

There can be various reasons of laziness. It is compulsory for you to know the causes first. It will help you to overcome this serious problem because the only way to overcome any type of problem is to understand what is the reason behind it. So let’s discuss-

1. Lack of motivation –

Now, this is the very first and most common reason for laziness. You can never achieve anything in life without proper motivation. You just keep demotivating yourself that you can’t do anything, you are a looser and many other such kinds of things.

2. No specific goal of life –

This is the second most important cause of laziness because if we think practically then this is quite sure that if a person has no goals to achieve in his life then what work he’ll do and the reason is obvious he’ll become so lazy.

3. Fear of responsibility and accountability –

Most of the people always fear to take responsibility because they consider themselves good for nothing. They just don’t want to take any responsibility because anything goes wrong then they have to answer for the same. And they just can’t face questions.

4. Poor Lifestyle Choices –

Most of the people live unplanned and totally careless lifestyles. They keep on doing things that are not important at all such as chatting on social media, watching movies and texting. Most active people on social media can confess that hours pass by without even their noticing.

5. Fear of failure –

Most of the people are afraid of doing anything because of the fear of failure. Fear of failure can be the real cause of laziness. These people are not ready to take the risk because of their fear of not losing anything in life. But the fact is without taking a risk we can’t try anything new. We have to try something and take the risk to achieve something in our life.

6. Depression –

Depression can also be the reason of laziness. In this state of mind, people don’t want to do any work and they just want to live alone in a dark room. The person doesn’t feel the energy to work and just remain idle. They feel depressed and hopeless this makes them lazy.

7. Indecisiveness –

Life is all about the decisions you make in it. The mind of some people just can’t be made up or they can’t decide what to do and this can lead them to laziness.

8. Distraction –

When you experience unrelated things in your mind while working it means you’re distracted. The more you’ll get distracted the less you’ll be able to complete the task given to you.

9. Exhausting –

Any work or activity even if it is mental activity require energy, enthusiasm, and a clean mind. When we are exhausted, our mind starts functioning in a different way and we can’t work properly in an efficient manner. The other reason may be sometimes we work too hard and we feel exhausted.

10. Poor Nutrition –

What you eat helps to determine your energy levels and brain activity. The diet you take daily is very important for your day to day works. If you don’t eat a well-balanced diet, your body will not function properly and also you’ll not work, this will make you lazy for sure.

11. Procrastination –

Procrastination is something when a person always postpones the important things. When they don’t do the work on time that needs to be done now. Laziness usually comes from postponing something that needs to be done.

12. Lack of Self Worth –

If you believe in yourself only then you can face any task in your life but lazy people never understand self-worth and this makes them more lazy and demotivated.

13. Dependent Life –

When a person usually depends on another person. When a person can’t live on his own and always feel dependent on any other person. He just can’t do his work himself this makes him lazy. If you’ll find a support system in your life then you can never succeed in your life you have to your own support system.

14. Too Much to Do –

When any person has a lot of things to do at the same time then his brain tends to become confused and slows down. The person keeps on convincing themselves that he simply cannot do it. When the person is convinced that the task at hand is too much for them, they see no reason to even start and it leads to laziness.

15. Low energy –

This is the most common cause of laziness. It is also can happen due to the lack of sleep, poor diet, rest and exercise. If you don’t eat or sleep properly then you’ll experience low energy in your body. This will lead you to laziness.

Effects Of Laziness

Laziness is the biggest enemy of any person because it can ruin your life completely. Laziness will also prevent you to proceed further.

  • You can never achieve anything in your life.
  • This will keep you confused and disturbed the whole day.
  • It will reduce your ability and efficiency.
  • Laziness can also affect your health.
  • You can’t work properly in an efficient manner.
  • This can reduce your thinking power or memory.



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