Girls from Moldova are developing their IT skills in a 12-weeks web and product development program

GirlsGoIT Bootcamp, the 12-weeks web, and product development program from 7 localities of Moldova is taking place right now. During the first four weeks until now, 39 participants of the program have learned the first steps of IT and how to code, as well as of product development.

On March 19th, girls from Chișinău, Strășeni, Călărași, Ungheni, Sălcuța, Ștefan-Vodă and Comrat participated in the official opening of the program. In it, the participants learned about the specifics of the GirlsGoIT Bootcamp program, which is its agenda and what are they going to learn during the project and, at the same time, they got to know which are the program’s partners and supporters.

And because the participants will have to work in teams throughout the period, but also to launch a product at the end of the program, in the first weekend they have benefited from a workshop on Team Management and Goal Setting, which allowed them to understand the importance of working in a team, to know the stages of forming a team, but also, they have established their common goals of the project. Those who facilitated the workshop in the first weekend are trainers from AIESEC Chișinău and the National Youth Council of Moldova, whom we thank for their involvement and support of this initiative.

Together with the formation of the teams in each of the 7 localities where the Bootcamp program takes place, the second weekend began with the session of HTML and CSS, which was delivered by qualified trainers and mentors. This allowed the participants to take their first steps into the world of IT. For some of the participants in the program, this was the first attempt to code and for others, it was a good reminder of the things learned at school or on their own.

“I was pleasantly surprised by the enthusiasm and dedication that the girls have demonstrated, it’s good to see people really interested in programming and I’m glad I can be part of such a program, which provides opportunities to teach IT to girls from the country“, notes Mihai Coșleț, one of the mentors of GirlsGoIT Bootcamp.

The third weekend began with Women Entrepreneurship and Necessity Analysis sessions, and the fourth week began with Product Development and Planning, which were facilitated by ODIMM and National Platform of Women in Moldova. Here, the participants learned more about entrepreneurship, women’s involvement in this area, as well as success stories of women entrepreneurs from our country. As a result, participants analyzed what are the needs in their localities and began to work on creating the future product which they will launch at the end of the program.

Additionally, over the next eight weeks, each of the 7 teams will work on finalizing the planning of the product and will learn how to code through different IT languages, thus finding solutions to the problems previously identified in each of the 7 localities of the country.

GirlsGoIT is a joint initiative of UN Women Moldova, e-Government Center, Novateca and TEKEDU. It aims to stimulate entrepreneurship and innovation capacity in Moldova by empowering girls to acquire digital and IT skills.

This program would not have been possible without the support of the Embassy of the United States of America, the German Embassy and their international program of Human Rights, Pro-Europe Center, Endava, Spark Research Labs, Atomate, Granat and Dreamups Innovation Campus, whom we thank for their involvement and support. At the same time, we encourage you keep an eye on us in order to see the achievements of our participants and their IT products.

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