Girls Who Code @ Viacom: Week 4

Mobile Applications & Entrepreneurship

We can’t believe that this week marks the half way point of our program! It’s been such an amazing adventure so far!


Monday we began learning HTML and CSS. The students made portfolio websites for the projects that they have done.


Tuesday the girls learned JavaScript and how to incorporate user interactions into their websites.


We had the pleasure of having Tasha Ross, Andrea MacRae, and Yining Chen speak to us. They talked to us about the internship process at Viacom. In sharing with us her experience interning at Viacom, Yining demonstrated the importance of company culture. A major takeaway from this talk was it is important to feel like you belong in the place you work for and feel like you are part of a family.


Thursday the girls finished up the day with learning about jQuery and how to use APIs like MapBox:


All the Girls Who Code in NYC came together for a field trip at Microsoft. We even made it to the NYC Snapchat story!:

In addition, each Girls Who Code program made a sign, here’s ours!

We had a handful of amazing speakers, including the founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, Reshma Saujani, Susan Lyne (AOL), Mina Markham (Hilary for America), Donna Woodall (Microsoft), and Minerva Tantoco (CTO of NYC). Each one of them imparted onto the girls at Girls Who Code wisdom, advice, and an unforgettable kindness and warmth that will support the girls through whatever path they take.

“You guys are the ultimate teams and collaborators. We were meant to spend the rest of our lives together.” — Reshma Saujani

“Take a deep breath and acknowledge that we’re not alone in this” — Mina Markham

“Life does not suddenly get perfect for you, all those things you think you’ll never recover from,don’t worry about it, there’s another day, move on. Every failure is great because it forces you to look inside” — Susan Lyne

“That limitation was just in my head” — Minerva Tantoco

“Be authentic, go with your gut, you will, for sure, be successful” — Donna Woodall

We ended the field trip with an all-program game of Rock Paper Scissors and also a preview into the future of Microsoft products including the HoloLens, an augmented-reality headset.

Overall, we had such a blast this week!

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