Girls Who Code @ Viacom: Week 5

Review, Data Structures & Algorithms, and Spirit Week 1.0

This week we had our first spirit week at Girls Who Code. We also split into groups which covered programming 2048 in Python, reviewing basic concepts in Python, and learning how to create websites using Bootstrap. We also began our presentations on Friday: a series of presentations in which students presented on subjects they are passionate about.

Monday: Goth Day

For Monday, we began the week by dressing as goths. It was sometimes hard to channel our inner goth but sometimes we nailed it.

Kudos to Ana, Nikita, Emma and Tali for going all out.

At the end of the day we even got to play a game. The idea of the game was to ask a set of questions to each of us and then guess the theme of our question. Since Tali was the one asking the question, our theme was to spell out Nick Jonas using the first letters of our responses. At first she guessed that we were spelling Jonack!

Tuesday: Twinsie (and Triplets) Tuesday

This day had the teaching team seeing double (and triple!!).

We also got a surprise visitor: Micheal’s daughter Navah!

Navah teaching Zahraa what she knows in Scratch!

We got to travel as twins to the Stem Cell Research Foundation. The girls got to learn all about different types of stem cells including embryonic, somatic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells. In addition, we learned about how machines make it more efficient to culture plates of bacteria. Although humans are still responsible for sterilizing, machines make the process much less error prone. In addition, they used biodegradable materials to allow cells to grow around.

Wednesday: On Wednesdays We Wear PINK

We had a whole day dedicated to Mean Girls — although the girls at Girls Who Code are anything but. Everyone came in in their pinkest attire and we got to watch Mean Girls during lunch!

Glory knew all the words.

Thursday (Favorite Character or Celebrity Day):

The girls dressed as their favorite for celebrity day.

Glory as Serena and Tali as Blair // Zahraa as Nicki Minaj and Briyana as Beyoncé // Maria as Harry Styles, Zahraa as Nicki, Sejal as Matt Harvey

They also had their Photoshop Workshop, in which the girls learned about how to manipulate images of themselves in Photoshop.

Friday (Favorite App, Browser, Social Network and Programming Language):

We were lucky enough to have Lily Chang, Lead Architect of Mobile and Syndication Technology of Viacom MTV Networks come speak to us.

The teaching team was blown away by our first set of presentations. Glory presented on Malala Yousafzai, an advocate of female education, Emily La. gave us a great list of films to watch by presenting on the history of film, and Sejal gave a presentation on concussions and shared with us her own experience having a concussion.

At the end of the week the girls understood the fundamental programming concepts in Python, coded 2048 in Python and learned Bootstrap!

Sejal’s Bootstrap project
Code snippet from 2048

We ended spirit week on a programming related note. Each student dressed as their favorite app, browser, social network or programming language.

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