You look fine but your eyes say otherwise. I may not know the reason why. It could be paperwork piling up, a boyfriend seeing someone else or simply a favorite character died on a TV show. Whatever it is, I know you are hurting. You are hurting to the point that you can no longer count the times you cried yourself to sleep. You can no longer seem to count the moments you woke up at 6 in the morning staring at the ceiling thinking of fast forwarding the time so you can sleep again because it is the only way you can escape from reality.

You tried talking. You tried asking for help but no one was there. No one was patient enough to listen to your rants. No one knows how empty you are in the inside. No one noticed the big hole in your heart and the countless stabs in your backbones. No one was brave enough to save you from the oasis of sadness that is slowly devouring your entire self. So all you did was to smile. You keep flaunting a smile that didn’t even reach the corner of your eyes. But you still smile. Because that is where you are good at. Hiding. Pretending. Hiding the pain, concealing all the hatreds and regrets in your heart. Pretending that you are okay. Pretending that those smiles are real. But what they see should not have always been what they get. But they refused to look closer. They refused to see your eyes. Because if they did, they would have seen a sad girl. A sad girl sitting with her arms on her folded knees, crying as if she had never cried before, begging for some help, for some understanding. BEGGING FOR SOME LOVE.

Hear her. Help her. Save her. You are all she’s got. Save her before it’s too late.
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