Dear Token Straight Friend

Dear TSF,

My dad is a straight man. He hates to wash his hands after he pees. I’ve asked him to please wash his hands, I’ve told him that when he doesn’t wash his hands it’s like he’s rubbing his peepee dick all over everything he touches. Is this just something that straight men do? Or is he just disgusting?


Hygienic Homo

Dear HH,

I am reminded of an old George Carlin routine. You can watch here.

But he essentially says that he shouldn’t have to. He also believes that we need to build up our immune systems because we are weenies. 
George Carlin doesn’t know everything. 
I happen to live with a heterosexual male. He is a tidy person, and he does wash his hands. In fact, I think he is probably tidier than me when it comes to hygiene. I also have come to know many other heterosexual males that take pride in their clean homes. This also might be a PNW thing.

I am sorry your father never learned his manners. It sounds like he has listened to George Carlin far too much, and may need encouragement to clean up his act.

Love from,

Your Token Straight Friend

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