20 Questions for CEOs, Human Relations Directors and Other Administrative Officials about Employing Nazis

How come no one is running stories interviewing HR directors about their ethical obligation to fire Nazi-identifying employees?

Probably a lot of people don’t want to work at companies that don’t take a hard-line stance against Nazism. Most people. The overwhelming vast majority would probably agree that it is not in their best interest to work at a company that tolerates Nazism. Here are some questions about the employment of Nazis you should think about if your job requires working with other people:

  1. What questions should Human Relations Directors and other administrative officials be asking right now as more and more people become comfortable sharing their overt racism on social media?
  2. What is your company’s protocol in the eventuality that your C.T.O. tweets, “Diversity is genocide.”?
  3. What’s your university’s protocol on students wearing Nazi paraphernalia in the classroom?
  4. What’s your hospital’s protocol on a nurse wearing a golden swastika necklace over her scrubs?
  5. What do you do if you’re a white medical professional and one of your patients refuses to be treated by staff of color?
  6. What do you do if you’re a hospital administrator and a medical staff-member refuses to treat a patient of color?
  7. What do you do if you’re a conference organizer and an attendee live-broadcasts the event for an alt-right hategroup?
  8. What does Facebook IT do when employees start reading Stormfront during business hours?
  9. What goes through a hospital administrator’s mind when it’s found out white hospital staff post bigoted material on Facebook about marginalized groups and refugees? Do they wonder if their racism will jeopardize their capacity to care for patients of color?
  10. Can a police officer really serve and protect people of a skin color he goes online and calls “mudbloods?”
  11. How comfortable would you be allowing your child’s teacher to hang a Nazi flag in the classroom?
  12. Does your child’s school have a protocol in place for teachers when a child starts arguing in class that their parents said Jews aren’t really people?
  13. How would you ever know if your kids’ Social Studies teacher is sharing white supremacist “repeater phrases” in class, as they are literally instructed to do so by their cult leaders?

14. Is your child’s school Principal even cognitive and literate of the markers and ideology of white supremacist propaganda? Do they understand how this works?

15. Will you let your kids play on the same sports team as children wearing golden swastika necklaces?

16. What do you do if you’re a Black referee and parents start yelling the N-word at you?

17. What do you do when your co-workers are making a game of sticking office supplies in a co-worker’s hijab without her noticing?

18. Do you really want to get funded by a VC who spends his time reading alt-right thoughtleaders for the past three years?

19. What’s your school’s deal about swastika stickers on cars in the teacher’s parking lot?

20. What’s your company’s protocol when a client calls you a cuck?