Donald Trump is Rare; Billy Bush is Legion

Men objectify women because it helps them build instant bonds with other men. It’s power.

It’s power to be able to brag about reducing human beings into interchangeable, kissable, grabbable, fuckable things.

On a Brooklyn rooftop last night, my friend warns me to watch out for men who pretend to be texting when really they’re snapping pictures of women in bed to send to their friends as evidence that they’ve just fucked. There are Reddit forums, he tells me, where men post their trophies.

“But don’t let that turn you off men,” he says, blithely, “You have to keep holding out for a good one.”

Many of my male friends are of two minds. On one hand, they want me to think men who hate women are rare and that I should give most guys the benefit of the doubt. Then, on the other hand, they remind me every day that, actually, men like this are legion.

Men continue to benefit from the myth that misogyny is rare.

But as any woman can tell you, Trump can exist only because America is a nation flush with men like Billy Bush. Because the quickest way for a spineless betabro to ingratiate himself with power is to find a powerful man who loves to hear himself talk and let him regale you with stories of his misogyny. And so for every man like Trump, there are hundreds more of men like Billy kneeling at his feet, begging for a chance to fluff his cock.

Men like Trump can only stay hard because men like Billy Bush keep their hands so soft.

And men like Billy Bush can only stand tall among women because of what they can do on their knees.