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Elizabeth Warren isn’t “Feuding with Biden” — It’s Class War

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What the media calls a “feud” between Warren and Biden relates directly to the fact that Warren spent her career as a Harvard law professor fighting the corruption of government by finance and Biden spent his Senatorial career eating Wall Street’s ass.

The media is struggling to frame this as something it isn’t, as a personal quibble. That’s why it’s so fucking grating to see headlines and political writers trying to reduce what is clearly class conflict into what Quartz calls a “grudge match.” Or what Washington Post describes as “calling Biden out.”

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But the media’s framing of Warren vs. Biden as a personal feud is reductionist. It serves to obscure the truth of the matter which is that Warren made her career taking the side of the American people and Biden made his taking the side of corporate predators, without hesitation and without apology.

Before running for Senator of Massachusetts in 2012, Elizabeth Warren was a recognized scholar in the field of bankruptcy law. She served as a Professor at Harvard Law School and published numerous articles about economic policy that you would most likely be bored to tears to read.

What’s important to keep in mind as people write about this subject is that there has never existed a lobby that pays Harvard law professors to take time out to commute to DC and prepare public statements on behalf of the poor and bankrupted. She did her service to home and country pro bono. That was the equivalent of an academic doing her good deed for the day, on top of all the other shit she’s expected to do as a mother, wife and a full-time faculty member.

And for all of that, she had to listen as Senator Joe Biden, who despite her obvious expertise on the matter, insisted that he knew better the needs of America’s working class — namely, fewer consumer protections.

Elizabeth Warren had to hold her tongue as a Senator whose campaign war chest that she, of all people, would most certainly know is filled enthusiastically with the boon of predatory finance insisted that predatory finance is somehow not the problem.

I mean, nevertheless, she persisted.

As she said herself, “I got in that fight because [families] just didn’t have anyone and Joe Biden was on the side of the credit card companies.”

You couldn’t ask for more clarity of what distinguishes these two candidates.

Elizabeth Warren isn’t feuding with Joe Biden — it’s class war.

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