Fascism Wins Because Your White Feminist Girlfriend Slay Queened a War Criminal


Let me distill several years of self-study to you right now on the subject of antifa philosophy: Fascism wins because Liberals are cowards.

Fascism wins because Liberal white men like Matt Yglesias stay home and watch Game of Thrones instead of destroying actual oppression.

Fascism wins because Liberal white men like Ezra Klein left the poor out of their expertise.

Fascism wins because Liberals fire journalists for inciting riots.

Fascism wins because Liberal white men right now are telling antifa activists to settle down.

Fascism wins because Baby Boomers surrendered their babies to the Market.

Fascism wins because we let Pearson write the textbooks that train our kids to accept it.

Fascism wins because your White Democrat mom still wouldn’t dare let you attend a Black school.

Fascism wins because your Liberal professors are more preoccupied with getting a Chair than they are in educating the public.

Fascism wins when white men complain about having to step over the bodies of the homeless and when they abandon the unions.

Fascism wins because Liberals knew about Palestinian genocide and rationalized it away as, “Well, they throw rocks, though.”

Fascism wins because private prisons are even legal.

Fascism wins because Liberals watched Tamir Rice die and forgot him.

Fascism wins because Westchester Liberals taught their children that Black Lives Only Kinda Matter.

Fascism wins because your White Feminist girlfriend Slay Queened a war criminal.

Fascism won years ago, when Liberals watched Obama kill brown children with planes and ignored it.