How the Democratic Party Sharted its Pants

I believe good leaders set examples of how to be an adult.

Good leaders inspire us to believe that we can be more together than we can apart.

We cheer the moral resilience of leaders as they overcome the obstacles of keeping us together.

We admire heroes who show us the apex of humanity.

Above all, leaders are models of good character.

Character is reflexive. What does that mean? It means you must always be asking yourself: in this moment, this situation, this scenario, given all the variables, what must I do to stay a good person?

Reflexivity is an ethical process I recognize many people abandon soon upon getting comfortable in adulthood. Honestly, this is probably the saddest thing about growing old is watching how many of your peers have resigned their politics. Even the wonks seem fairly committed to the distraction more than the politics. The wonks aren’t really having the ethical conversation. Their ethical debate ends and begins with #NeverTrump.

Hillary’s shiny banality appeals because she doesn’t ask her supporters to think very hard about their vote. She is the choice of least resistance. Her inevitability has granted many moral couch potatoes permission to do fuck nothing and let the media dictate the political narrative. I expect Republicans to be shallow dinguses who resist being confronted with their moral inconsistencies. What shocks me, though, is how many are voting for Hillary.

Hillary Clinton has provided me with a fairly clean litmus test for people’s political compass. Her supporters are to me impossibly convoluted and tortured in their rationalization of her candidacy. The ethical lapses that they have to trip over running to yas queen have left me in doubt of their entire moral character. I no longer trust them on issues of moral complexity. And yes, this goes beyond this election and extends well into all aspects of social policy and cultural authority.

There will be a reckoning, you dinguses.

Character is asking yourself, constantly: what can I do in this moment in order to be a good person when it’s over?

Clinton supporters have answered this question by sticking their fingers in their ears and their thumbs up their asses.

Yas Queen.

What the Iraq War Vote Taught Me

I often try to explain to adults now the moment I realized I was a Leftist. Back in 2002, I was one of the only people I knew who thought going into the Iraq War was bad. I was 16 in a Republican community in a Red State and made to feel like I was fucking out of my mind for not understanding how 9/11 and Iraq fit together. I tried to understand but I wrote an op-ed about why I could find no connection between Hussein and the attacks and parents wrote in saying I should be expelled from public school for my treasonous rhetoric. I’m not kidding. That’s how stupid people are.

And we know now in retrospect that there was no connection. The Establishment voted on doctored-up evidence largely for the financial benefit of private defense contractors like Halliburton and Boeing. The horrific management of the war and the neoliberal occupation that followed has set the stage for ISIS to grow more powerful in Iraq than Al Qaeda ever was. There were significant consequences to our Fuckery but we ignore them because the Left blames the war on Bush and the right blames the war on fundamentalism. Neither side wants to take ownership for their past decisions. No one wants to be held accountable for being a bunch of shitheads.

But what disturbs me past the point of comprehension are ostensibly liberal people saying that Hillary’s vote for that war and her subsequent experience riding out its consequences are a testament to Hillary’s valuable foreign policy qualifications.

This is just one example of Hillary’s ethical opportunism. She offers a thin mea culpa and moves on without going back and really excavating how she could be so fucking wrong about something that at this point has caused millions of people their lives, has created millions of refugees and is costing the world any chance at peace. To deny responsibility for the Iraq War is to deny one of the most consequential political decisions of my lifetime.

Hillary Clinton is quite literally the only person right now running for President who voted to invade Iraq. She is quite literally the only Presidential candidate with any personal responsibility for the Vietnamization of the Middle East. You can only think this is irrelevant if you’re an absolute denialist. And if you’re that transparently in denial, you are who I have to stop. You are the problem.

The Death of Democratic Party

The Democratic Party has long since abandoned its role as champion of character. After Welfare Reform, the repeal of Glass- Steagall, the Iraq War and the Bank Bailout, I mean the Party has evacuated all of its legitimacy at this point. I laugh when basic kumquats try to defend the Party on Obamacare and I’m like that bill was a gift to the enemy, you basic kumquat.

But then both parties have long since given up on holding space for ethical discourse.

Both parties seem pretty content letting the bankers and the bombmakers write the policy.

Both parties can go fuck themselves.

But if you really want to see propaganda at work, watch how the Democratic Party works to sweep its fuckery under the rug. They deny any part in any of it. Hillary Clinton can only compete with Bernie Sanders by victimizing herself as if her hand in the fuckery isn’t public record. As if the Wikileaks cables don’t explicitly point to her shilling fracking abroad and having a heavy hand in the drafting of the anti-labor TPP deliberations. These things are not slander if they are 100% true and documented. But hearing her defend things she literally did by accusing herself of being attacked is a testament to her character.

The Democratic Party is shitting its legitimacy because it won’t take responsibility for advocating policies that have hurt the working class and further persecuted minorities. We know now that Bill Clinton was hugely accountable for a lot of pretty horrific shit during his Presidency. But Liberal Hillary supporters don’t want to hear it. Their cognitive dissonance is on fleek.

According to Clinton supporters, nothing that happened in the past is relevant.

Except the past is why we have ISIS.

The past is why the banks crashed.

Denying our Democratic past is why the Democrats have no future.

The past matters, but the Democratic Party won’t admit it because it would mean having to admit where it went wrong — often. It means actually digging into the roots of Party decay and figuring out how the disease got in.

It means admitting that their policies have been long co-opted by corporate, Israeli and Saudi lobbyism.

It would mean admitting how deeply antidemocratic we are in our foreign policy.

It would mean admitting that they haven’t fought for the American working class in decades.

It would mean admitting that virtually nothing has been done to support single mothers.

It would mean admitting that they stood by and let human rights such as healthcare, housing and education all become eaten up by finance with no recourse.

It would mean admitting that they have made conscious compromises in trade policy that have cost millions of Americans their livelihood for the benefit for billionaires.

They have to admit their part in the deterioration of the American Dream.

Saving the Party means you can’t keep deflecting accountability to the ever-ready Republican enemy. The GOP is a cesspool of goons — they’re morally irrelevant. Be with me now. Stop retreating into a reductionist binary of very bad and less bad. We need to shut down that conversation once and for all and admit that this dialogue I’m trying to have is urgent.

Saving the Party means growing up and accepting that the history of the Democratic Party is complicit with the Great Fuckery. It means accepting the objective truth that Bill and Hillary Clinton have both served as engineers of the fuckery. Both parties have done nothing these past two decades but bid against each other for the job of managing the poor for the benefit for hypercapitalism.

Resolutely, I declare: fuck these people.

Saving the Party means admitting that mistakes have been made in the name of the Party. Horrible ones. And a Clinton has had their hand in many of them. The Democratic Party of today bears the character of both and the decisions they have made to steer the agenda. They have made decisions of expedience that served them at the time but have long-felt consequences that we are still dealing with today. Admit that much.

If the Party wants to fix its shit, it’s going to have to own up to this.

But to ignore moral complicity with the Fuckery is to ignore accountability.

And that’s weak character.

And that’s why the Democrats are dying.

Holly out.