If the Great Depression Happened Tomorrow, How Fucked Would You Be?


If an event like the Great Depression were to happen tomorrow, how prepared are you to sustain yourself and your family across the next decade?

If global war were to disrupt the transit of agriculture to our supply chains and grocery stores, how prepared are you to feed yourself?

Do you have any idea who you would have to buy off in the event of a shortage?

Are you quite sure that you can defend yourself?

Are you ready to take a bat to the ribs?

Do you think anyone will give a shit who you ever voted for?

What indignities are you prepared to suffer when it’s water at stake?

Of course I ask these questions to scare you. Apparent to me from many of my peers’ life choices that they seem to think there remains for us time to see what happens. Nay! Nay, sir, we have about four years before the inevitable collapse of our government to corruption leaves us an infrastructure so wholly deteriorated that only the mafia can make the trains run on time.

So I ask again: If the Great Depression happened tomorrow, how fucked would you be?

The free market ideology that both the Democrats and the Republicans subscribe to is killing the planet. I say this without reservation. Their blind-faith commitment to economic growth above all else is suicidal, guaranteed to kill off any chance that humanity has of surviving the next century. As leaders, they insist on dying on the most antidemocratic hill there is: greed.

As Gore Vidal put it: “The two parties, which are really only one party, cannot be put to use. They are the country’s ownership made carnival.”

With any turbulence whatsoever, we will be ourselves facing the kind of circumstances that made our great-grandparents to do unspeakable things for bread. Except, you know, it’ll be for water. Or shelter. Or healthcare. Or any of the other things that Democrats are too cowardly to fight for as inalienable human rights protected by the state because they don’t care about us. They only serve to ask money’s questions.

It is not the time for complacency. Don’t kid yourself: you couldn’t survive a Great Depression. You need to act now to take back your country.

Voting isn’t enough. Look at how those suited shitheads make policy. Universal healthcare is the most popular policy idea in over a century and Congress couldn’t care less what their constituents want. They flagrantly ignore human need to suck Koch. They are not your friends. They work to protect the rich man’s profit margin and your kids are their last concern.

No, they absolutely don’t read your fucking tweets.

It’s time to run, not walk, to civic engagement. It’s time to volunteer to work on campaigns primarying lead Democrats like Nancy Pelosi who spend most of their working hours holding court for lobbyists instead of making policies that will make America work for everybody. It’s time to join the Democratic Socialists of America in building a national resistance movement to support labor unions, fight racial injustice and end the incarceration state.

You know you won’t survive the Great Depression. You will not make it through the decade. Alone, you will fall.

Together, you might stand a chance.

But you’ve got to make hay while the sun still shines, comrades.

Become the threat you wish to see in the world.

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