Jason Calacanis Wants You To Start Up and Overthrow Him

Another poem in a terrible series about absurd plutocrat tweets

Poverty exists because people don’t start up.

A very rich man said this.

A very rich man who lives

to tweet his beliefs

the way teenage boys

jack off into socks.

What he believes is

if you stop being a victim

and commit yourself,

keep learning

and keep networking,

that you, too, can start up.

Another man said the same,

but as you can imagine

was less of a dicksock.

He said that the poor

should stop being the victim,

keep learning,

network and commit,

and one day they can start up

and not code a fucking app

but seize for themselves

the means of production

from those whose idiot greed

stymies civilization

like staid crust on the unwashed

socks of humanity.

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