Millennials are Tired of Watching Old People Double Down on Batshit and Evil

How long can you keep insulting just about everyone’s intelligence?

How late into the season does this nonsense carnival run?

Everything I see is maddening inanity ricocheting off of other maddening inanity, growing so insufferable by the minute that it might just incite insurrection if only to make the nonsense stop.

My brain hurts so much these days. I can’t keep up with this shit. I’ve stopped trying. There’s no use. I don’t have any power to change this.

All I know is that this much is true: most of this shit doesn’t matter. Most of what politicians do doesn’t really matter once you just understand — and really try to understand this — that most politicians are murderers.

Their moral baseline is killing people. Congress is not your friend. They authorize war and invasion. They starve their own citizens to give tax cuts to billionaires. They allow corporations to spill the most horrible things into our water supply for the sake of absurdly small amounts of campaign finance.

We think it’s cute when politicians tweet, like they are somehow just like us, but they are scumbag murderers with state blood on their hands. It’s under their authority that the bombs keep falling. They make the refugee crisis. They’re why Flint still doesn’t have clean water. Their dance cards are filled with hours and hours of sucking the rich man’s dick. As voters, our moral failure is accepting this as necessary. But know this: our acceptance doesn’t make them any less complicit with evil.

Jesus — the absurdity of liberals defending the humanity of John McCain who has at every opportunity voted to blow up innocent brown children on just about every continent.

Virtually none of these people —no, not even Bernie — is innocent of war crimes. They let genocide go unchecked around the world because trying to resist it would cost too much political capital, capital they need to channel to some energy lobby or other, typically at the expense of justice, equality and, Jesus Christ, at this point our short-term survival.

Capitalism is evil, all the way down. It doesn’t need to compromise. It’s not here to make friends. It doesn’t give a fuck if you and your kids die from thirst tomorrow so long as the hurt machine makes a dollar today.

The evil in our world is not caused by chance. The evil in this world is the compounded hurt of the rich man’s greed. Sooner or later you’ll realize that all money is blood money. Maybe not right now, but eventually. Keep up with your reading. Don’t let the econ fuckers tell you otherwise.

But let’s get back to first principles here.

Most of us aren’t complicit with State murder.

I’ve made it to 31 and so far as I know I have never authorized a bombing campaign.

Neither have I ever approved of the extrajudicial assassination of environmental activists resisting the obliteration and privatization of their homelands.

I have not marched child refugees back to their deaths because I can’t explain to my constituents the crisis I voted to cause.

I haven’t voted to bomb children unlucky enough to live atop oil into the sand.

I do not see it as my occupation in life to write regulative policy that I know will wildly contribute to the boiling of the oceans.

These people push murder paper around all day then go home to tweet about how much they love John Legend and the media portrays them as one of us? They are not like us. I like John Legend, too, but I don’t sit around legislating catastrophe all day.

I believe that most people employed in the United States Government have a conscience. But I don’t think the coaching staff has a soul. In the entire time that I’ve been alive, neither Party’s offensive strategy has ever prioritized the end of poverty, homelessness, war or labor exploitation. Neither Party has brought forth a champion of human rights. Clinton just saw fit to launch a narcissistic foundation that, so far as I can tell, exists mostly to make life really fucking rough for Haitians. At least the Bushes retired.

Socialists have been saying this forever but it’s true: class issues have been left off the policy-making table for decades. We’ve never advanced enough working-class people to the coaching office to ever see the political playing field leveled to equality. None of the people paid to advise those in power think about the poor save as monolithic voting blocs to be placated with platitudes and shallow promises.

Millennials know that the children of the rich dominate the policy-making machine. Only the children of the absurdly rich can afford to live on poverty wages after college for the honor and privilege of serving the Congressional elite. But even the most earnest wonk is still never as vital to this shitball regime as the frathouse shitball whose shitball dad brings his shitball friends around to seven-figure dinners. The halls of our Congress are lined with the fresh, young faces of the bourgeoisie. And their collective mediocrity becomes our iron law.

Before Twitter, I used to think that the people paid to advise the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on subjects as grave as our occupation of foreign nations would have more to do than fucking tweet all day, but no. They’re on there all day, reading about themselves, getting outraged at the things the ungrateful poors say about them. Now that we all are privy to how they spend their private time, you must now realize how empty these people really are underneath the weight of their position.

Where do you think these shitbirds acquire moral instruction? In law school? Are you serious?

At the last point of State collapse, the Democrats saved themselves by promising a New Deal. But I don’t think that’ll work this time. The maddening inanity has gone on for too long for any science to work. The rot is too deep to cure.

No, what the millennials need isn’t a new deal. What we need is a new body. New blood. A new soul. One that hasn’t been blackened by the heartless idiocy of these two Parties jacking each other off from either side of the same bullshit coin. It’s just a guess but if millennials are dropping out of the Party system, it’s probably because they’re tired of watching old people double down on batshit and evil.

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