Paul Graham Is Asking to be Eaten

yet another bad poem in my ongoing bad poetry series.

Paul Graham is asking to be eaten.

Marie Antoinette never actually said:

“Let them eat cake.”

That’s a myth.

But Paul Graham is saying that,

in a tweet,

with a timestamp.

What luck the internet brought us

that the robber barons now tweet,

and they are asking to be eaten.

Paul Graham is asking to be consumed,

by a populist uprising,

dragged not to the guillotines,

but to a room,

with a projector,

forced to watch nothing but

hours and hours of continuous footage

of children separated from their mothers

who can’t work two jobs and hold on.

Scenes of over-worked millennials,

hugging day nurses paid well by union wages,

who don’t treat their parents like human refuse.

Paul Graham should be forced to tour

the heroin dens of our dispossessed cities,

after Reagan disrupted the unions.

Because I’m pretty sure Paul Graham is asking

to have his nose wiped in this shit.

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