San Francisco is Strategically the Worst Place to Barricade, Techbros

I today published a report in Quartz from the Council for Human Decency on the verdict of Techbro v. Homelessness. It occurs to me just now that there is a second tragic irony to the life of Justin Keller I did not get a chance to expound upon in our initial ruling. I feel as if I would be failing my office if I were to allow this to go unsaid:

San Francisco is the worst place to try to barricade one’s self from the coming class riots. If there’s anything I’ve learned about the geography of war, it’s that pretty much any dangling land mass is fairly vulnerable to tactical castration. And really, only Manhattan is so easily choked as San Francisco (which Christopher Nolan plainly showed in The Dark Knight.)

Consider its geographic deficiencies:

1) It’s a peninsula surrounded by shark-infested waters.

2) It’s drought-plagued and thus entirely interdependent from the onset.

3) It’s a tactical holding surrounded by acres and acres of garlic fields — there’s nothing to stop the tanks.

4) The heavy fog makes visibility impossible. You’re entirely vulnerable to attacks from above with little advance warning.

5) Your population is likely one of the least prepared to organize a sustained resistance against the coming insurrection. There’s little meat on the bones of your men. The winter will be hard after the delivery workers have long joined the revolution. When the Soylent runs out and the cats are all gone, do you trust your six hackerhouse mates?

I mean do you?

Do you really?

This is not a “magical place” to take shelter from the wrath of the fallen. This golden city may well be your grave. Take heed.