Show Me How Gerrymandered Your District Is

This is my district. Everyone has one. Mine is the 10th Congressional district of Pennsylvania. My Congressional representative is Tom Marino, a man who continually votes for bills that hurt children, the environment, the working class, the elderly, women and people of color in his district. Why? Because he can get away with it.

There’s no getting around this. Nothing I can say as a constituent matters to Tom Marino because my voice is contained within a district plainly and obviously rigged to ensure that my local constituency is mostly white people who strongly identify as conservative.

This is not really fair to the people who live on the Eastern, more populous counties of Pennsylvania. Our values are simply different than theirs. Our industries are different. Many of the people living on the eastern part of the state — like me — work in Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, New York and New Jersey. We never have an occasion to drive to the dead center of the state unless we want to stare at some fucking cows.

Because there’s nothing in the middle of the state for miles and miles and miles but cows.

And white people.

Cows and white people.

Oh, and maybe some pipelines. There are a lot of pipelines.

But really what makes us different from people who live in the dead-center of Pennsylvania is the incontestable fact that our kids have more melanin in their skin. Many of our public school districts are minority-majority. Our constituents are often working-class families of color who move here from New York and New Jersey so that their kids can escape school violence and police harassment. They’re good, hard-working members of our community but they’re trapped in a district that presumes they share political constituency with a part of Pennsylvania where doing donuts in an empty Wal-mart parking lot is considered a spectator sport.

Gerrymandering is a huge problem. It’s why the GOP can maintain its control of Congress despite its absurdly low level of popular support.

That’s why I’m asking you, dear readers, to go here and screencap for me the map of your House Congressional District.

I want to find the most gerrymandered congressional districts in America. Tweet them to me @girlziplocked on Twitter. Or reply in the comments below.

If you want to defeat Republicans in 2018, you have to start making some fucking noise. This is the shit we’re up against.