Poor and traumatized at Harvard
Due Quach

TOTALLY 100% THIS. These colleges do not invest the resources in doing what they assume parents can supplement, subsidize, and finagle. Getting a job in industry requires an unpaid internship in New York or San Francisco? Well, someone will be around to pay that $5,500 summer sublet, surely?

But please, please do not think that you are somehow deficient because you struggled with the bullshit culture that defines Harvard right now.

My, God! Celebrate your humanity!

Do you know how antisocial the skillset that is being most valorized is at Harvard? It’s not critical thinking. It’s not intellectual empathy — as you’ve demonstrated yourself skilled in right here. It’s networking, the art of turning people into disposable assets that can be used and passed off when they’re no longer viable. Even Aaron Sorkin recognized that lesson was the only thing Zuckerberg really needed to learn at Harvard before leaving. If he was gifted at anything, it was realizing he didn’t need to stay there for four years to figure out the only “secret” Harvard really has to offer the children of America’s elite is access to each other.

If your upbringing was anything like mine, the casual disregard for connection and use of relationships for self-gain probably struck you as horrifying the entire time you were in college — it probably still does now! But that’s the “common sense” of the elite — that’s their water they were steeped in.

It’ll never be something people like you will be comfortable with. AND THAT’S A GOOD THING.

Yes, the financial skills are hard to learn, and I agree with you, we struggle with much the middle and upper-class kids take for granted and will for the rest of our lives. You are probably still caring for your parents while your peers barely call theirs.

But please, please, please never think yourself deficient. This system is sick and it turns malleable kids hoping to change the world into complacent IBankers and corporate lawyers really fast. But I don’t need to tell you what you probably already know.

Rock on. Don’t let the fuckers bring you down.