White Feminism Doesn’t Trickle Down Either

Let’s talk about the pay gap in Hollywood. It exists. It’s real. There’s no denying it.

But let’s also talk about how every white female actor makes her name in movies by portraying the suffering of poor and working class white women.

Let’s also talk about how after Oscar season, they forget these women who scrap together tips from extra shifts to pay for a cavity. For these women who walk five miles to work because they can’t afford the $5 in daily bus fare. These women who work two part-time jobs because retail employers know keeping their hours under 35 a week means they won’t have to give them benefits like health insurance.

These women to whom White Feminist actresses are making their emotional appeals from behind podiums in glittery gowns that cost more than a single mother’s earnings for an entire year.

Let’s talk about the women who can’t find affordable daycare so she can take the crosstown bus to clean the hotel rooms of the rich and fabulous.

You make $20 million less than Matt Damon. I hear you. That’d unfair. That sucks. Sorry.

You still make millions, though.

What you’re asking for isn’t Feminism. What you’re asking for is your share in class privilege.

White Feminism Doesn’t Trickle Down.