Why Neither Corporate Party Has Control

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Organizing is hard. There’s a lot of work that goes into pulling people together in any sustained effort. It’s often thankless, tedious work requiring an enormous amount of compassion and listening. You know: soft skills that no one thinks anyone, especially women, should be paid to do. But that’s what it takes.

Recognizing that soft skills aren’t prestigious and require actually leaving one’s office to go talk to poors, lots of horrible dinguses justify corporate campaign finance by arguing that the only way to run a campaign is by by paying campaign “experts” millions of dollars.

At this point, you have to sigh and sit back and shake your head. No, that’s not the only way. That’s just the most convenient way that just so happens to service the interests of the people with millions of dollars.

People who worked for Bill Clinton’s administration rode out the Bush years by starting think tanks and consulting agencies. Then, they eagerly hired the pampered children of flush donors for easy desk jobs because as it turns out that’s a great way to guarantee your candidate an evergreen fundraiser base, obviously.

Don’t be stupid. You now how this works.

While I write primarily about what I know about the DNC, but I’m sure the RNC does the exact same bullshit.

The problem with this strategy is that nepotism ultimately allows a lot of stupid cream to rise to the top. It’s inherently antidemocratic and antimeritocratic. But more than that, it’s absurdly short-sighted. When you rely primarily on a subset of very privileged dinguses to run your Party, turns out you start running a shitty party no one else wants to go to.

It’s like that rich boring guy you knew in college who could only keep the cool kids around by supplying cocaine. And by cocaine I mean prestigious employment for a hedge fund banker’s stupid waste of a daughter who spent most of her expensive college education sleeping through class and watching Gossip Girl. Mmm, sweet nose candy.

The Parties both have so long been engaged in this nepotism that they’ve lost touch with the worker base. Neither Party is organized on grassroots principles. Both Parties are organized on the principles of corporate sponsorship. Nothing is getting done to engage voters. The entire working class has long been ignored.

Voters are treated like consumers.

Coke or Pepsi?

And this is why neither Party has any control over the voters. They are just selling voters a product. They are not inviting the voter into a process. They are not enfolding the American voter into a collectivized electorate — which really is the only point of having a political party in the first place.

So to return to my original contention: organizing is hard. Really hard. It means starting from the bottom. It means looking for pain. It means meeting people where they are and recognizing their power to shape you. It means cultivating the soil. It means building a unified front that stands on a firm foundation of the people’s mandate.

Communists know this. The Communist Party has, always, been built on the ground. It knows almost all the battle is fought in cultivating radical empathy for the working class. It’s not prestigious work. It’s not well-paid. It’s not going to get you on any Forbes 30 Under 30 lists, but you know what? Who the fuck cares when you have an actual vision for what a more equitable tomorrow could look like. I don’t get paid to launch this criticism, but fuck, I’ll keep going until I’m living on the streets because this plutocratic nightmare has to end.

So I come back to this and say that the Democratic and the Republican Parties have long since lost their social legitimacy. They’ve allowed themselves to become corporatized shills running on the dregs of past glories.

What they don’t run on is the ground.

Let them fall.

We can always rebuild.

Fuck, we pretty much have to at this point.

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