Your High School Class Is Driving the American Bus into Shitriver

It’s possible, surely you’ve thought this, that Trump is President precisely because your high school class actually is running the planet.

Your valedictorian makes poverty wages while the guy who graduated 250th makes six figures a year as a slumlord renting out his inheritance.

Everyone with a trust fund no matter how stupid and reckless is doing fine.

That girl you bullied never got over it but has spent tens of thousands of dollars on her nose.

That girl who looked like she was crying all the time actually was crying all the time. She still cries all the time.

The hardest working kids you knew are paying down their parents’ mortgages and have given up on the dream of owning their own.

Your best friend can’t quit smoking and it’s killing her and you both know it.

And, yeah, you still feel just as powerless, huh?

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