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What the media calls a “feud” between Warren and Biden relates directly to the fact that Warren spent her career as a Harvard law professor fighting the corruption of government by finance and Biden spent his Senatorial career eating Wall Street’s ass.

The media is struggling to frame this as something it isn’t, as a personal quibble. That’s why it’s so fucking grating to see headlines and political writers trying to reduce what is clearly class conflict into what Quartz calls a “grudge match.” Or what Washington Post describes as “calling Biden out.”

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But the media’s framing of Warren vs. Biden as a personal feud is reductionist. It serves to obscure the truth of the matter which is that Warren made her career taking the side of the American people and Biden made his taking the side of corporate predators, without hesitation and without apology. …

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The fatal flaw of thoughtleadership is that it’s a one-way, top-down dispensary of opinion.

That’s why I prefer to call it thinkshitting than thoughtleading.

That’s why instead of writing a blog entry about why I think The West Wing broke liberals’ brains and warped forever their conception of political theatre, I wanted to ask a shit ton of other people all at once what they think. Which is a thing I can do at any time because of nightmare circus box of the internet.

So I asked my twitter fellowship the following:

Here are some of their theories.

What do you think? Give me a theory as to how The West Wing broke liberals’ understanding of politics in the comment section below.

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Here’s a ridiculous idea to fuck with: what if Bernie Sanders, champion of the working class, actually paid his canvassers in 2020?

Before you jerk your knees in protest and insist that canvassing is a civic duty and that anyone who loves Bernie Sanders should be honored to do it for free, consider for a second that canvassing is most definitely labor.

At the surface level, canvassing is a job. Outside of electoral campaigns, unions pay staffers to knock on hundreds of doors each year. Many nonprofits pay people $15 an hour to canvass every day. …


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