Living a life filled with cynicism and negativity will ultimately lead you to make wrong choices and to regret. Bad karma will come and punch you in the face.

I prefer to be an optimist, I sleep better. I want to believe that people have good intentions, and that they care for others.

Don’t confuse optimism for naiveness. If you come with bad intentions I will figure it out and dismiss you.

Have a sense of respect for others, and mean it. Don’t judge, don’t assume anything about anyone unless you know the full picture.

If you’re going to say something, pause, think again and make sure you’re contributing something meaningful and respectful. Don’t let your emotions and viewpoints take ahold of you.

Build meaningful relationships. Be genuine and listen to other people’s stories. Care, and show it. You will learn a ton and possibly create strong bonds.

The real value of working for that great company, that awesome agency, that exciting startup, are the friendships and relationships you build. Money, prestige, and resume building are nice, but long after you’ve gone from those places what’s left are those who respect you for who you are today. Money or no money.

Family matters. Connect with them often. Build great memories. Need I say more? It’s your family.

Always have a good sense for where you are headed in life and optimize for the future you. I see myself growing old with few regrets and wonderful people around me.