The Trinity of Chaos, Truth and Beauty

Every year, I make a card for Xmas and New Year. This year’s has turned out even better than previous ones. It is an expression of love.

The Trinity of Love I propose includes Chaos, Truth and Beauty, as illustrated in this image.


I like to take picture of compositions without altering them in any way other than pointing my camera at them and choosing the light.

The viewer is turned observer in order to bring her own order into the picture and to identify all the small elements of the photograph. He may obviously also choose to not focus on details but rather enjoy the shape and colors as an ensemble.

Since dealing with chaos, with the overwhelming energy of life, is a necessity, I like it to become part of the process of watching pictures. As Marion Ackermann, Director of the Düsseldorf Kunstsammlung, pointedly notes, we live in overwhelming times, German: “im Zeitalter der Überforderung”.

The wreath of Advent, representing the four weeks before Christmas, nowadays comes with all sorts of decors. I choose to start with a large, bare wreath of fir tree and let my son adorn it over the weeks with what ever he likes, some he made, and some which he found in his Adventskalender. We now have a green wheel on our dining table where a whale meets a snowflake, and a water buffalo greets Santa.

The Advent wreath becomes a turntable for the chaos of life in all its delightful moments of suprise, all its potential beginnings.


Can one represent truth? That seems like the most unikely endeavour. But my Yule Goat stands for a truthful expression.

Using color pencils and an ink brush, I created my version of this ancient symbol. I like how the soft strokes of the black ink combine with the colorful ruggerised streaks made by the pencils. The balance of materials, shapes and colors makes for a truthful rendering of Christmas symbols, created with carefully selected means and visuals.

I was myself puzzled by my interpretation. I have handdrawn dozens of these Yule Goat in the last 10 days to send them to friends. How is that a truth? It shows a straight outcome of decisions I took, of skill, care and energy I put into making it. It is far from perfect, and it is made by hand, one by one. That is the truth is stands for.


Beauty can be found everywhere and flowers can be very seductive.

These red and white petal arrangements are rather unusual in their gorgious drawings and twisted shapes. Grouped and framed like they are, they appear to want to escape that narrow square. I simply find them beautiful and can enjoy them fully. They remind me that pausing for beauty is just as necessary to happiness as is to enjoy the energy of chaos and the order of truth.

By making this card out of disperse elements around me, brought to me by the people I care about, opening up to intuitions, I found this precious equation: Love is made of Chaos, Truth and Beauty.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, and 2015 full of love and life!

The Future is Now. Creative Leader and Maker @active_value THNKer. Integrating tech, learning and SDGs. Young Garage Lab Lead #yglab

The Future is Now. Creative Leader and Maker @active_value THNKer. Integrating tech, learning and SDGs. Young Garage Lab Lead #yglab