Having a hobby means living a philosophy of social and emotional responsibility — here is how.

My hobby is all things related to textiles and sewing. I am lucky enough to be part of a makerspace with several workshops, which gives me the space to dedicate myself to sewing & weaving.

I thoroughly enjoy sewing for myself and others, as well as coming up with new project ideas that fuse the expertises of our different workshops. Latest example of this is the ceramic round weaving frame that my colleague from the ceramics workshops made, and that I turned into a seascape of threads, ropes, wool and beads.

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Let’s look at how this hobby enables me to live in a life of responsibility towards myself and others. …

Unter der Überschrift “Bau Deinen Roboter” bietet das Young Garage Lab Making Workshops für alle ab 10 Jahren an. Da wird von den Teilnehmern ein echter Rover-Bot, der in unseren Werkstätten gedruckt wurde, zusammengebaut und programmiert. Das funktioniert sogar als Webinar, und ohne jede Vorkenntnisse.

Das Team vom Young Garage Lab besteht aus Menschen, die im Verein Garage Lab e.V. …

The Corona pandemics changes everything

Diesen Post auf Deutsch lesen.

2019 will go down as the year that marks the beginning of the 21st century. …


Gisèle Legionnet-Klees

The Future is Now. Creative Leader and Maker @active_value THNKer. Integrating tech, learning and SDGs. Young Garage Lab Lead #yglab www.yglab.de

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