Weapons: Stilettos Futile


(‘kxg-8ZKHl2g’ links to a youtube meditation I selected as an example for the following story.)

I do not personally know the creator of this “Magical Dreams” production. I chose to link to this one specifically because it is a voice focused on a “a dream land filled with magic and beauty” {at least, it is that focus for which I searched}. One must invest a wee bit of time to find a good match. [Oh, and beware, when one adds “woman” to the search, many results focus on weight-loss / beauty enhancements. Lordy I just wanna scream “NOOOO! — I am quite fine as I am, thank you very much!” Obviously, avoid these as the message is that one can never reach that elusive perfection.]

I do know, however, that these types of meditations / mental exercises (either via youtube or podcasts ~ I use both) lead me into really quite astonishingly peaceful, happy & rejuvenating sleeps! The nightmares are kept at bay. As ceaseless, bleakly opprobrious and unrelenting negative energy daily invades my space, and therefore my psyche / soul, I need some serious immediate weapons. [Stilettos tossed in the correct direction seem not to work, lol!] The patriarchal court system is much too slow, by it’s own self serving design, to provide any immediate solutions or positive impact for people living inside similar situations. I’m sure that half-hour investments in comparable meditations during the day would be of further benefit. I do not have the free time at this stage of my life to explore this.

Now, I have some acquaintances who scoff at such “meditations” and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about when I mention how effective these are. Perhaps I’m supposed to pack up and go to a ‘retreat’ or ‘workshop’ facilitated by a guru or other such descriptive leader-like title. As a full time worker, committed parent and activist I find I simply do not have the funding nor time for such indulgences, as wonderful as they sound.

So go explore these! Plug in a soft headset. Go to a place of peace where you own your inner wondrous self, I mean where all the electrons around you are celebrating and reinforcing the pure goodness of YOU ~ that place may be in your home, it may be down the road at Oaklands Mansion (I mean the garden) or the greenway, in your car in the Linebaugh Public Library System parking garage… a space that is simply and purely accepting.

If anyone has read on to this point, and if you don’t know me personally, know that as I write these almost very serious remarks, I’m giggling here and there as I reference stilettos, gurus etc. It is a long fb commentary because I’m using my laptop — enabling the typing of thoughts effectively! Joy to all today … allow and encourage love and peace to guide you inside your Saturday. … well, and every day.

Life is not a competition. {nor is driving down the road a nascar / formula 1 race ~ no one wins fabulous prizes at the traffic light, lol!} But golly gee, I sure wish that when I arrive at home each day after my grueling work day, I had a wife there who had slaved away for me all day, providing me with a nice peachy slushy rum drink and a hot healthy meal and a spic & span orderly home! {And I do mean “slaved away” -she is a slave as she does not receive a salary, raises, awards, advancement opportunities or even, in some cases, a gruff “thanks.” As the OED says: “A person who works very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation.”

Today’s rumination.

This is my initial experience with Medium. Certainly lessons shall be learned.