Project 3

How Families have changed over the years

Things around us are full of changes and everything evolves as time goes by.

Families have changed in many different ways. One of the most notorious changes is the fact that families in the past were bigger. They used to have lots of members and each of them pulled his or her own weight. They had a better economy, couples used to have eight children.

Then in the 20th century there was a big change in families. The father worked as a “breadwinner” and the economy of the family was based on his work. The mother cleaned and took care of the house and children. Families have got smaller and smaller. Now they consist of 2 to 3 children.

In the 21st century in addition to women’s education, many decided to delay the prospect of starting a family and there were a lot of social changes between these changes the phenomena of the divorce was accepted and it was something more common.

Since then families have suffered lots of more changes. For example lots of families have decided to adopt children. People have accepted the idea of having a blended family. Lots of people who have been married before have remarried. There are families that include same sex relationships and who have adopted children. Of course the nuclear family hasn’t stopped existing.

Because life is more expensive nowadays families have becomed more detached.

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