Square pegs and outliers unite!!!

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Square pegs and outliers are the new majority — cool kids 3.0 — whose community is as broad as the global market itself. They value transparency, authentic relationships and thrive within groups and communities that are mutually inclusive and expansive of new ideas, and experiences.

They love all things local — but they hang out, explore, and communicate — globally.

They lean towards opinions, street cred, and intelligence of the crowd when contemplating new experiences and making buying decisions. They buy products and services that strongly define who they are, while seeking out the lowest possible cost and easiest means to get them.

Everything that Kickstarter and Indiegogo stand for suggests that their users are square pegs. Imagine when the founders — square heads — realized that by the simple act of empowering people with tools to support things that inspired them, they had touched a primal need whose community went beyond all borders.

Ponder the idea that there’s no longer a divide between where community ends and market begins.

Sometimes there are market shifts that happen long before we become aware of their impact on how we live, work and self-identify within communities.

We are drawn to people and communities before we truly understand why. We are different today as people than we were and the markets are different along with us. If you think your community is defined by geographic zone, shared interests, cultural ties or demographic sphere, it’s time to think bigger.

Square pegs buy and support products and services that align with their unique persona.

E-commerce marketplaces have brought the power of connecting buyers and sellers of nearly anything via the Internet. As e-commerce grows, mega brands and centralized retailers (both online and offline) have figured out how to organize and dominate retail and have the marketing bucks to reach you.

But that leaves customers of small and medium sized businesses — to pay higher prices than they should plus squeezing profit margins of the creators and sellers.

Yet despite the higher prices and a more time consuming discovery experience, independent brands and small businesses, have and continue to provide square pegs with products and services that are more closely aligned with their persona and drive spending power for “good” (more creative, innovative, healthy, authentic, cool, fair, sustainable, empowering, etc.)

Did you know that 98% of businesses worldwide are small and medium in size?

Let’s think about this for a second. E-commerce marketplaces have only begun to make a dent into how we live, work and consume.

What if a new kind of peer-to-peer system made it easier and less costly for you and I to find and purchase products and services — from independent brands and small businesses — that align with our unique personas, while opening a new untapped market around the world that could touch people who didn’t previously participate in the first wave of e-commerce?

What if the power shifted entirely to you — the consumer?

What if the marketplace’s selection of independent brands and small businesses was determined by you, AND the products and services for sale were distributed by you, AND the profit margins — traditionally collected by a centralized power — were redistributed back to you?

The end-result is a new kind of marketplace that evolves and takes shape based on the principle of community, allowing anyone to engage in the creation and shaping of the market, without barriers, old world power rules, or artificial regulations?

A new generation of market players (community) would now compete with those that are holding on to centralized and traditional models that lack an awareness of your unique persona, costs you more, and squeezes the profit margins of the independent brands and small businesses that you identify with and enrich you.

That vision is coming to life with a new discovery engine and user-driven marketplace called Nichee (pronounced “neeshee”).

Check out the Nichee manifesto. It’s like one big Kumbaya around the virtual fireplace. You’ll wish you thought of it yourself.

Nichee is currently operating in private beta mode as it gathers continuous feedback from early adopters. From the outside it has characteristics of most traditional ecommerce marketplaces. You’ll need to join the Beta, log-in, and participate, to begin experiencing how different it is.

Once logged-in, you can establish your unique persona and discover brands that match it, NOMINATE (invite independent brands and small businesses that you identify with into the system), and INVITE friends to join. When you do, you’re rewarded with Nichee LOOT (currency) that you can spend, cash out, or pay forward towards programs that support economic independence thru entrepreneurship.

Why a user-driven marketplace?

The big promise of the Internet has always been the ability to eliminate the middleman. Not because the middleman is inherently bad or flawed but because one is no longer necessary to conduct business between suppliers and consumers.

Nichee takes things a step further. It’s for people-by-people who don’t live by the status quo — the square pegs and outliers that believe in profit + impact.

Unlike centralized marketplaces Nichee’s power is decentralized and distributed. Its goal is to enable users and consumers to create, drive, and shape it so that you can find what you need and want from 98% of world’s independent brands and small businesses — with ease at the lowest cost. It’s completely user-driven so you can discover products and services that other community members have selected, and you can purchase based on your persona — rather than just price or product description.

This is where the will and passion of square pegs rule, and the world’s unique indie brands and small businesses benefit from user-driven advocacy, healthier margins, and spending power of consumers that support them.

Square pegs are creators of the marketplace — not just consumers within it.

Nichee has been a long time in the making and there isn’t a round hole to be found. Nichee enables you and anyone to participate and shape what it becomes — with full transparency. And speaking of transparency, I’m a square peg and a co-founder of Nichee.

And since you’re a square peg JOIN THE BETA. It’s now live.

xo Nichee

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