Un Désir de Rinaldy

Curiosity, the first & last of my passions… Kindle the fire you ignite in my mind. My adventurous heart is interested in everything that is you.

Drifting off into thoughts, I picture us together

as abstract figures from a Lorenzo Mattotti piece… Engulfed in literature & one another. Close & intimate, yet a distance is evident & necessary… Sharing our thoughts & exploring others…

Embrassant sous la Tour Eiffel, your hands, large, and on my cheeks as a cold, winter wind blows. Your lips are warm, soft, and full, your eyes are bright and comforting…

I am yours, in my mind.

I touch myself to the memory of your voice, French words flowing from your tongue, down my rib cage, to my hips then deep inside me. An orgasm comes so naturally, so easily…

I’m forced to discover what I believe could be true, et connecter mes fantasmes à la réalité de vous

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