About Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation is a technology where machines or software embedded with artificial intelligence handles high volume, repeatable task that previously done by humans.

While, Artificial Intelligence is referred as a development of a system which able to perform certain task such as speech recognition, decision making, visual perception that normally require human intelligence.

Automation in the sense, the process which occurs repetitively, done by the equipment itself by using logical steps and method.

RPA isn’t a new concept, its been around for more than 10 years. Recently, it has been developed rapidly and drastically, overcoming many of its faults.

Well, It can be classified as Low end robotics as well as High end robotics. Where low end robotics are commonly used for clerical purpose or can be referred as chat bots. They complete their task by executing predetermined set of programs. For instance, when the customer chat with their insurance company online, actually they are chatting to a robot.

On the other hand, High end robotics are self learning intelligent robots mainly used in manufacturing industries to perform heavy complicated task.

Some of them have misconception that, Robotic Process Automation is nothing but a robot which move awkwardly. Well its not! Its about smart software which is implemented in machines.

Some of the benefits of using RPA is, They reduce time consuming process, can easily handle Repetitive process, can able to do high volume task with minimum redundancy, able to do manual task like Back office, Data entry process, Increase Productivity, can do multiple task simultaneously, can work 24*7 without any intervention.

Some other misunderstanding is that, people are afraid whether RPA may replace humans?

Certainly not!, Well RPA may change the working environment, but it never replace human, Instead Educated workers may embrace RPA and work as a team. The motto of RPA is to reduce the work load and relive the stress. So workers may concentrate more on significant area.

Now a days, Robotic Process Automation are used widely in different industries including, Supply chain management, Human resources department, Accounting, Procurement, Finance sector including banking and insurance sector, Customer services, and many more.

RPA boosts knowledge workers, Business advisors, Entrepreneurs by allowing them to focus more on customer service and it helps to achieve the desired result with in short span.

Earlier, Entrepreneur focus on manufacturing sector instead of customer service, cause workers become reluctant of doing repetitive process which leads to quality issues as well as time consuming and also probability of making mistakes are high. Entrepreneur are not willing to burden all this expenditure. Hence, they prefer automation process in their industry.

All RPA technology are not same. They vary according to their usage whether it can be a simple software or a huge framework that includes wide array of steps and flowchart to improve the overall process (input, transformation and output flow).

In India, most of the manufacturing industries are located in Chennai such as Tech Mahendra, Tata, JK Tyres etc.. Still, some of them are not aware of Robotic Process Automation, So if you are looking for job in manufacturing sector, learning Robotic process automation training in Chennai will definitely help you to get your desired job.