Arrays and filters— Part 3

Please share this tutorial, that inspires me to continue doing this tutorial series.

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Before we can continue with the filtering we need to understand what arrays are in Powershell. Arrays are a collection of objects that you can iterate through to find something or organise a data structure. You can think of array like a basket of fruit and you can have multiple baskets, one for vegatables and one for fruits. If we take a look at how the structure of array is then you can see it is very simple

$basket = “apple”,”orange”,”banana”,”kiwi”

You can print out how many objects are in this example by using the count method which is available in all objects or you can also write out the specified object in specific index of the basket, as seen in the image below. …

Commenting and modules — Part 2

Please share this tutorial, that inspires me to continue doing this tutorial series.

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You read part 1, and that is great, that means that you are interested in Powershell and would like to continue learning. There are a few things that are that you need to know when you are developing, so let’s get to this.


When you are developing, it is good to have comments in the script, that would help you in the future to understand the script and also help others who read the script. It is pretty awkward when you created a script, and you did not write any comment, and you are trying to explain the script to someone and you can’t because you don’t know what is happening, so you have to spend the time to reread the code and try to understand this. Believe me that this is more common than you think. Comments are just like documenting the script; the person who is reading the script is like reading a book. So how do you comment, well it is important to know that even if you are commenting the code that you should have some structure for the comments and of course that you should also have some structure for the code and it is important to keep in mind that when you comment that you are not commenting something that is self explanatory, such as if you had a variable named my age, that is really self explanatory and should not necessary be commented. …

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Working with Visual Studio Code on MacOS

Please share this tutorial, that inspires me to continue doing this tutorial series.

Beginners guide to Powershell — Part 1

This idea to teach Powershell was on top of my list, I started to write a book about Powershell and the title would be used as the primary name for the book. Anyhow, I’m just going to write a blog to help users get started in Powershell.

If you are an IT admin but don’t know how to write code or even start, well you are probably in the same situation as many IT admins are in. That being said, how do you start learning Powershell. Well, the first thing you should know what Powershell is and what it is used for. Powershell is mostly used for developing scripts to automate administrative tasks such as creating users, installing software, mapping drives or even install a whole environment with all the Windows features required to speed up development. …

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Our last meetup at Opin Kerfi

It started around 5-ish years ago when I was searching for a group that shared common interests as me, but no matter what I could not find anything related to Azure here in Iceland. 2-ish years ago I then figured again if there was some group available here in Iceland that was related to Azure, but the only thing I could find and be very active was the SQL group and VMWare group but no Azure, so I decided to just create one. Well, it was not the best decision because I was also in University trying to finish my BSc degree and also working full time. Anyhow a year ago I created the Facebook group and started my first steps in creating the Azure User group with Microsoft in Iceland where they sponsored the conference room, meals, and beers. …


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