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Tracy Russo

Thank you, Tracy. Voices like yours, and Amy Selwyn’s, make me aware of the apathy women have sunken into. I am one of them, being chronically exhausted after each 60-hour work week. But I am aware and see it everywhere. We are embedded in a society reeking of patronizing male chauvinism that is still being depicted as ‘natural’ and as ‘the way men are.’ Many women still don’t get it and perpetrate this picture. They get all flustered and prettied up around chauvinistic men they work for (!). 3rd graders learn that the color pink is a girl’s color and boys shun it. 1st grade boys get up from the snack table and expect girls and female teachers to clean up after them. Education starts at home, and it seems nothing has changed over hundreds of years. Observations like this are discouraging. When I enter Medium and read blogs like Tracy’s, I catch a glimpse of hope and realize that I am not alone. Thank you, beloved sisters.

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