Getting older does not suck.
Amy Selwyn

When I turned 60, it felt as if I had turned 40 just two weeks ago. What happened during the last twenty years? How come they went by so fast?

Probably it was my profession as an occupational therapist in hospitals and nursing homes and picking up life after a painful divorce that kept my focus on the here and now. Another central interest worked itself out through online dating sites; I still was imprisoned by a need to be with a man.

Now, at almost 62, I laugh as I enjoy Amy Selvyn’s experience turning 57, and I relate and embrace her with a firm virtual hug. I wholeheartedly agree with everything she shares.

I still work, now with exceptional children in an elementary school district. I still work too much, which has been a lifelong habit. I am happily single now and enjoy a new friendship with the ex — this time friends only, but much better! I become increasingly peaceful among the teachers and therapists who appear younger every year, and I am more accepting now of the fact that the peak is behind me. I’ve finally discovered the proverbial hill, and it is alright to look back at it. I no longer need to climb it. I can now let go and float to wherever the river takes me.

Thank you, Amy. Getting older certainly does not suck, and it does not hurt, either.

It is a gift.

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