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Originally published w/PANews in December 2018

One of the biggest players in the bitcoin space has been and continues to be China. Considering the Chinese governments “love-hate relationship” with the cryptocurrency and its underlying technology PANews takes a brief look at its evolution in the country.

Originally published w/PANews on November 14, 2018

The BCH hard fork expected to take place on November 15th resulting in two coins, BCH ABC and BCH SV. What was originally supposed to be a bi-annual upgrade to the BCH chain is turning into a possible chain split. News outlets and social media present what comes across like a reality show spectacle starring the real housewives of BCH Craig Wright (CTO of nChain), Calvin Ayre (CEO of Coingeek), Jimmy Nguyen (CEO of nChain), Amaury Sechet (lead developer of Bitcoin ABC), Roger Ver (CEO of, …

Next Stop, Latin America

Governments around the world have not decided how to regulate cryptocurrencies. This is new territory for nations, how do you regulate a completely ‘borderless’ currency? Once a precedent is set, it will be hard to change direction from there, as a result very few have taken a clear stance for or against cryptocurrencies.

Last week we looked at the U.S., Canada and Mexicos’ stance on cryptocurrency. Overall, all three nations welcomed the idea as long as the government had clear controls over its operations, with Canada and Mexico taking an unequivocal stance. Canada is one of…

First Stop, North America

Originally published w/PANews in September 2018

Reporter: What is your stance on cryptocurrencies?

Most Governments: We caution all investors to conduct their due diligence on any investment.

Reporter: What is your stance on cryptocurrencies?

Most Governments: We are keeping our eye on the cryptocurrency market. The technology underlying cryptocurrencies, blockchain, is a fascinating innovation with many use cases.

Reporter: So, no stance?

Most Governments: 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏼‍♀️

Governments around the world have not decided how to regulate cryptocurrencies. This is new territory for nations, how do you regulate a completely ‘borderless’ currency? Once a precedent is set it…

Originally published w/ PANews in November 2018

A recent study published by researchers from Princeton University and Florida University has claimed that “China is bitcoin’s number one threat” (citation with hyperlink). While the report is still in the process of peer review, it has captured the attention of tech and blockchain media outlets along with big names in the cryptocurrency industry.

These statements and media articles have focused on a provocative central notion: the presence of a large number of bitcoin miners in China. …

Originally published w/Bitcurate on October 28, 2018

BAT has seen a steady rise in price since October 11th ($0.17) with three major plateaus on October 17th with a high of $0.22, October 20th high at $0.25 and an October 22nd high at $0.29. Overall, BAT has experienced a 52% gain in the past month as of the time of this writing on October 23rd. The rise in price is attributed to several announcements online from Coinbase’s summer announcement of upcoming listings and the launch of the new Brave Browser on October 18th.

While BAT was surging other major alt coins…

Originally published w/ Bitcurate on October 28, 2018

In the race to develop products that will integrate blockchain technology into people’s everyday lives, two companies have stepped forward — HTC and PundiX.

HTC, the Taiwan based smartphone creator, is leveraging blockchain technology with their new Exodus 1 phone to bring greater privacy and security for users’ data, a major issue in today’s current privacy climate. Instead of saving user data on the cloud where it is more susceptible to loss and manipulation, the Exodus 1 uses blockchain encryption to protect against such attacks. The HTC Exodus is the first smartphone…

Looking beyond the fraud bubble towards a better understanding of crypto capital raising models

Originally published w/ Bitcurate at on September 22, 2018.

2017 and 2018 were the years Initial Coin Offerings or ICO’s shook the traditional crowdfunding industry, surpassing venture capital investments in internet companies. ICO’s opened up a way for retail investors to get involved in the private equity market, a market which before ICO’s were mainly only available to accredited investors. While ICO’s brought in much money for startups using blockchain technology to fund their tokenized projects, they also gave an opportunity for scammers to steal…

(Part 1)

Originally published w/ Bitcurate on September 14, 2018

Another new craze in crypto is making the headlines — STOs or Security Token Offerings. Let’s break down the hype and see what STO’s are, why they have surfaced and what the future holds for this and other crypto asset classes.

Many traditional and non-traditional investors have been wary of getting involved into the crypto assets industry as a result of the many scams and hacks that have plagued the field particularly in regards to Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) a method of raising funds via a blockchain for a business…

Originally published w/ Panony media at on September 14, 2018.

Journalist / Gitana

The U.S. — China trade war has created a back and forth game of national pong Olympics. Both sides are mobilizing their resources in a battle to be “fought till the end.” One of the major triggers in this trade war is the race for technological superiority. The U.S. blaming China for stealing intellectual property and China blaming the U.S. for bullying nations out of the competition. Thus, prompting what is being called the technology race — a catchy clickbait phrase triggering national and regional emotions…


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