in your eyes I see the universe

the one I live in

your soul is the only ocean

I could safely swim

you’re strong as a rock

but sweet like a melody

your warmth is to my coldness

the prettiest antonym

and those words they dance

upon these shitty rhymes

just so I can tell you

when we’re together

I want to never let go

because I know that if I do

I won’t be free anymore

I see myself

in the reflection

of you

of your eyes

and I won’t give up on you

even if every possible heaven tells me to

and I’ll tame my demons

so I can take care of yours

and we’ll dance together

upon the crying of hating souls

because all we are is love

and it feels like no one knows

and I’ll carry you in my hands

just like I know you’ll carry me in yours

and this is my oath.

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