GitPitch Presentation Of The Day #5

Learn how to use background images for maximum impact within your slideshow presentations.

This post is the latest in the Presentation of the Day series where I take a few minutes to highlight some of the great work developed and promoted within the GitPitch community. You can find a link to earlier posts in this series along with related content on this blog here.

Drum Roll Please…

Without further ado I’m delighted to introduce the latest GitPitch Presentation of the Day:

[ GitPitch Presentation ] — Click Image To View

This presentation was created by Kei Yonekawa who can be found here on GitHub. This presentation introduces the Spring Boot framework but it is the unique, custom visuals that caught my attention. 美しい作品 Kei!

You can go directly to the GitHub repo for this GitPitch presentation to look over the presentation markdown and PITCHME.yaml to see exactly how the presentation was created:

Presentation Tips & Tricks!

In keeping with one of my goals for this Presentation of the Day series I’m going to use this post to highlight some powerful GitPitch features used by today’s featured presentation.

Today I’m going to highlight the use of background images and custom settings, two features used to great effect by today’s featured presentation.

The Writing Is On The Wall!

As you can see in the case of this presentation, I mean that literally:

As noted in an earlier blog post, the use of background images is probably the single most effective feature provided by GitPitch to create a unique visual identity for any presentation.

Using Presentation Background Images

A simple background setting can be used in your to identify a default background image that will be automatically rendered by GitPitch for every slide in your presentation. Here is how this setting is used by today’s presentation:

background : bg.png

It couldn’t be simpler, right? This default background image can also be overridden on a per-slide basis if you need to inject some custom visuals for specific slides. See the GitPitch Wiki here.

Customizing Presentation Settings

Today’s presentation of the day also provides a great example of a wide range of custom settings that are used to control the overall style and behavior of presentation. Here are the set of custom settings specified in thePITCHME.yaml associated with today’s presentation:

theme : night
footnote : "© 2017 Sample Inc."
slide-number: true
highlight : monokai
autoslide : 5000
loop : true
transition : fade
charts : true
background : bg.png

Look over this configuration and you’ll see lots of simple, intuitive yet powerful settings. You can learn more about the full set of custom settings available to GitPitch presentations on the GitPitch Wiki here.

The Rise of Code Presenting

As a side note, I am delighted to see more and more presentations making use of GitPitch code presenting. It’s proving to be a very popular feature and I’ll have more news and updates on code presenting for the GitPitch community soon ;-)

Ok, that’s it for today. I hope you were able to take some inspiration or lessons from today’s featured presentation.

From Zero To Presentation Hero

GitPitch lets you effortlessly craft and share beautiful content about the things you care about. Use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything ;) With support for inline and background video slides, GitPitch provides a great way to wrap and deliver rich media content to your audience.

If you have your own presentation that you think would be a good candidate for GitPitch Presentation of the Day please get in touch.

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