Markdown Presentations for Everyone

Welcome to this first post on my new blog where I plan to share news, ideas, and tips for GitPitch users along with highlighting some of the amazing presentations created by the GitPitch community.

GitPitch is a service that turns markdown files found in any Git repository into beautiful online or offline slideshow presentations. You can use your slideshows to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything.

Markdown Presentations for everyone?

It couldn’t be easier. There is no sign-up. And there is absolutely nothing to install. You simply use your favorite text editor and write your presentation content in Markdown.

Markdown Presentation benefits?

  • GitPitch lets you focus entirely on your presentation content
  • GitPitch takes care of rendering your content as a beautiful slideshow
  • You can share your presentation online
  • You can print your presentation to PDF
  • And you can take your presentation offline (with speaker notes) for your next conference or meetup.

If you have a GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, Gitea, or Gogs account then you are good to go.

Example Markdown Presentations

To give you some idea what GitPitch can do with your simple Markdown content click on any of the following presentation screenshots to see what members of the GitPitch community have already created:

[ GitPitch Presentation ] — PagerDuty Resolution Platform
[GitPitch Presentation] — Elixir GenMetrics Package
[ GitPitch Presentation ] — AnyCable Polyglot ActionCable Server

Now It’s Your Turn

Hopefully by now you are excited about GitPitch and see how it can help you to effortlessly craft and share beautiful content about things you care about. It really has never been easier to get the word out about your amazing projects ;)

You can find a great introduction and detailed documentation for all of the wonderful features available to you on the GitPitch Wiki.

A Brief GitPitch Backstory

GitPitch is an open source project. It’s something I created having spent years working in IT where I often needed to present concepts and technologies to wide ranging audiences. And where I always wished there was some truly simple yet effective way to deliver that content. Now there is, it’s called GitPitch :). I hope you enjoy using it as much as I did creating it. Follow me right here on Medium or on Twitter @gitpitch for more news, tips and amazing creations from the GitPitch community.

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