Presentation Speaker Notes For Everyone

Today I’m very happy to announce live speaker notes for all online and offline GitPitch presentations.

Previously to take advantage of the speaker notes feature you first had to take your presentation offline. Now you can launch the speaker notes window directly in your browser for any presentation found on Just press the s key and you’ll immediately see a pop-out window that looks like this:

[ GitPitch Presentation — Example Speaker Notes Window ]

The speaker notes window allows you to see (1) the current slide, (2) notes for the current slide, and (3) a preview of the next slide. It also includes a timer that helps keep track of time once you launch your presentation, something that proves very useful when you are live on-stage.

Try it out right now for any presentation, or by clicking on the screenshot above which will open a sample presentation. As soon as the presentation opens in your browser just press s and take full presenter control of your slideshow.

Markdown Presentations for Everyone

As GitPitch evolves I am always looking for new ways to delight my users. I’m hoping this latest feature gives the GitPitch community one more reason to make GitPitch the go-to tool for building and sharing compelling presentations powered by Markdown.

From Zero To Presentation Hero

GitPitch lets you effortlessly craft and share beautiful content about the things you care about. Use it to promote, pitch or present absolutely anything ;)

GitPitch is for you. So if you think of any new or improved features you would like to see added to GitPitch please get in touch and share your ideas. Thanks.

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