git//scale: an economic layer on top of the git protocol

TL;DR git//scale is a code analytics platform taking Open Source to the next level. We add an economic layer on top of the git protocol.

We’re looking for Open Source projects and investors; we’d love to talk to you at Web Summit!

The world’s love story with open source is booming. Over 45% of Fortune 100 corporations are clients of Github, the leading Open Source development platform, with 31M developers and 96M repositories of source code. Open Source is currently estimated to save over 60B USD to businesses and corporations every year.

But such massive growth and adoption of Open Source software by everyone, from lonely developers to global corporations, is exposing its flaws and threatening its huge value to the common good.

From record numbers of vulnerabilities, to unfair profit making by corporations, to lack of maintainers, and even to philosophical differences, the current model of open source is facing many challenges and needs to evolve.

That’s how git//scale was born: out of the necessity of protecting and nurturing the massive collaborative model that builds software for the common good. That’s all of us.

That’s idealism; but we’re also pragmatists. People respond mostly to short-term, tangible incentives, not lofty ideals. Meaning: economic incentives that encourage fair behavior.

git//scale is a code analytics platform that takes open source to the next level, by using algorithms and machine learning to add an economic layer on top of the git protocol.

We’re currently engaging with the Open Source community to validate our approach and product.

For developers, git//scale offers merit-based rewards for code contributions.

For open source projects, git//scale offers seamless, automated incentives for contributors, leading to a more attractive project for both developers and enterprise customers.

For companies and enterprises, git//scale offers open source projects that typically enjoy higher levels of maintenance and shorter issue turnaround times through better incentives to developers.

And for institutions and individuals supporting open source projects through donations, aka sponsors and backers, git//scale offers fair and transparent allocation of donations at any level — project, issue, or even developer.

In the coming months we’ll be sharing what and how. Follow us on Medium, Twitter and Linkedin.

Meanwhile, catch up with us at Web Summit in Lisbon!

If you’re an Open Source project maintainer or contributor, or generally involved with the community, we’d love to meet you.

If you’re an investor interested in Open Source, Code as Data, Machine Learning, Big Data, Analytics, AI, and Developer Tools: we’d love to talk.

About git//scale
Founded in 2018, we’re a young, multi-disciplinary team based in Porto, Portugal, mixing software development, product design, UX, business and legal expertise. | | linkedin