Which Version Control Tool is Google Using? How is It Proving Useful for It?

Aug 27 · 3 min read

Google is well prevalent for new inventions, and version control tools are no exception. It doesn’t use Git or any other popular systems. Instead, it has built its own, the most reliable version control tool, Piper. Well, why does it use this system, what sort of tools are available, and how does it benefit Google, you will get answers to all your queries here. Go through the details!

Types of Version Control Tools

Version control tools are usually of two kinds, Distributed and Centralized. The benefits of version control systems are tremendous. The document version control is helping you to now the current iteration of the documents. Let us head towards all its privileges before going through its types. Have a look:

It keeps the entire history of each file intact. This benefit enables the user to fix issues in older versions, go back to these versions for analysis or any other function can be performed.

It helps you trace every change. In one message, it manifests the intent of the change.

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It builds up users’ ability to keep working on independent streams that permit to combine the work and do verification of changes done earlier.
With such benefits, these version control tools come in two shapes, that are briefed below:

Distributed Version Control

Distributed version control permits you with having a complete history of projects. In this system, you don’t need to remain dependent upon the central server; instead, you can quickly and reliably clone a copy of the repository. Mercurial and Git are the most common distributed version controls.

Centralized Version Control

In this, the centralized server works, and you have access to a centralized copy of the project. You will not have complete project copy available, but you can surely pull those files that you desire to have at a moment’s notice. Perforce and Subversion (SVN) are the standard versions of this system.

Piper- Google’s Version Control Tool

Piper is a renowned version control tool that Google is using as a vast repository. Across the universe, it has been distributed over around ten Google data centers.

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It helps Google software developers in optimizing latency despite their work location. It offers excellent redundancy level to Google that makes it reliable for its processes and working.

Why is Google Using A Centralized Repository?

Continually using a centralized repository for about two decades, Google has built collaborated culture around it. Google has created its version control tool and used a centralized system. But what’s the reason behind using such a system. Is it a sound decision, and would it fit Google’s size? Extract it here!

Here are the advantages that lead Google to adopt a centralized version control tool, Piper.

  • Single source of truth
  • Dependency management
  • Atomic changes
  • Code sharing and reuse
  • Global collaboration
  • Clear tree structure and code visibility
  • Single source of truth
  • Code ownership and flexible team boundaries

How is Piper Useful for Google?

Piper is a centralized version control tool that provides a collaborative culture of with collaborative workflow, trunk-based development, and collaborative environment, of course.

It bestows you with visibility regardless of your business’ size. Though other models and version control tools can do wonder, the centralized system is second to none. And, this is positively working for Google as a whole.

The primary benefit of this version control tool is that it keeps the developers online always. It becomes possible with asynchronous and caching that hides the latency of the network from all the developers that are currently working with it.

We hope you get answers to all your queries. Still, if you are in doubt then feel free to share with us!

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